Can Prince Harry Ever Be King?

Can Prince Harry Ever Be King?

March 20, 2019 1 By AArsov

It’s possible, but not probable.

When the Prince married Meghan all eyes were on their royal wedding. People couldn’t help but be envious of the couple and how stunning their wedding was. Anyway, looking back on it and how massive it was, surely some people have been wondering if Prince Harry will ever get to be King of the UK.


A very big tragedy would have to happen to have Harry sit on the throne. His grandmother is Queen Elizabeth II, also known as the Queen of the UK, a title passed down through birth. When she gave birth to her first child, Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, he became first in line for the throne. This is all due to succession, the premise that the current monarch of the country would pass down the title of “sovereign” to the family member next in line, their firstborn child.

Because Harry’s brother, William, was born first, it made William second in line for the throne, next to Prince Charles.

When Harry was born, two years after William, he became third in line for the throne at the time.

Harry’s title was given to him because of his birth. He was lucky enough to be born to the Queen’s oldest son. He still had a slight chance of becoming king at the time of his birth if Prince Charles or William weren’t able to fulfill their role or had to retire. But even in his birth announcement, People reported that it was “unlikely” that Harry would ever be King. So just because he was born to the future king doesn’t mean he ever had a big chance to be King.


Once William and Kate welcomed their first child in 2013, that pretty much destroyed Harry’s chances of being King. With the birth of Prince George, Harry was bumped down to fourth in line to the throne. When Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were born it was clear that Harry’s chances become almost non-existent. Prince Harry was brought down to sixth in line for the throne. This means that the other five have to be “incapable of fulfilling their role” in order for Harry to become King.

Until 2013, men born to the next in line took precedent, but the Queen changed that with the Succession to the Crown Act in 2013 right before Prince George’s birth. This change allowed Charlotte to take precedent over Harry in the royal succession.

Although it would probably be fun to see the Prince on the throne, it’s unlikely it will ever happen.