Kate’s Cousin, Mike Tindall, Reveals Her Exercise Secret

Kate’s Cousin, Mike Tindall, Reveals Her Exercise Secret

March 9, 2019 0 By AArsov

Princess Kate is a natural sportswoman, known for her love of tennis, sailing, skiing and hockey and other hobbies.

Her cousin, Mike Tindall, just revealed that Kate is also a fan of running, saying she could “run all day”. Mike was asked to make his dream team during an appearance on House of Rugby. He revealed he would put the Queen as captain and picked his cousins William and Harry, and of course Kate.


“I’ve got the Duchess of Cambridge on one wing because she loves running, she can run all day. Engine!” When asked who’s faster of the couple, he said that William is even faster than him.

“Willy’s quick. I’ve raced him, he’s quick, he has really fast leg speed,” he said.

“I’ve got fantastic pairings in the centers. Prince Harry and Prince William. They know each other inside out. Haz, front line man in the military, he’ll crash that ball up for us, he’ll dominate, he’ll boss the tackle line,” Mike added.

Despite being a runner, Kate, has previously admitted she could never do a marathon – for a very good reason. Last year, she spoke to journalist Bryony Gordon, who asked her if she would run the London Marathon. She replied: “Oh no, security and all that.” Bryony, author of Eat, Drink, Run, then teased: “If I can do the marathon, you can.”

Pippa, Kate’s younger sister, is also a runner and has completed various marathons and races. Speaking to HELLO! after running her first marathon in Kenya in 2015 she said: “I decided that a marathon was a ‘life box’ that needed ticking and this year was my time – despite it being one of the toughest in the world, with temperatures rising to more than 30ºC, at an altitude of 5,550ft and with the possibility of bumping into lions or rhinos.”