Kensington Palace: The London home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Kensington Palace: The London home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

March 6, 2019 0 By AArsov

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to move out of their home “within weeks”, ahead of their first child’s birth.

They will move out of their cottage at the Palace and into the refurbished Frogmore Cottage, on the Windsor estate.

“It is thought courtiers hope a formal separation of their staff may help ease the reported tensions between the brothers and their wives,” say the Sunday Times.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kensington Palace and the couple’s soon-to-be former home:

What does Kensington Palace look like inside?

The Palace had a £12m refurbishment in 2012. “We have set out to awake the sleeping beauty of Kensington Palace,” said Charles McKay, chair of the Historic Royal Palaces board.

The restoration removed shrapnel and installed an exhibition on the lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

A 2016 exhibition oversaw the renovation and display of dresses worn by Princess Diana, who lived there from 1981 until her death.

The lavish and grandiose interior of the palace was replaced by a more minimalist, modernist approach to aesthetics. While the original living quarters have been left untouched due to historical significance, other areas have a wide array of art installations, including a collection of light sculptures.

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The Kensington Palace grounds

The palace has one of the most well-kept gardens in London, with admiration held for the famed Sunken Garden, a lavish, garden full of tulips and other flowers centered on a rectangular pond with ornate water features. Modeled on a style of garden from the 18th century, but the Sunken Garden was not completed until 1908. A homage to classical landscaping.


Where do the Duke and Duchess of Sussex currently live?

Since their wedding, the couple has been living in Nottingham Cottage, in the grounds of the palace.

The cottage has been Harry’s bachelor pad since his brother William and Kate Middleton moved out of it in 2013. It was also once a home to Lady Jane Fellows, Princess Diana’s sister, and her husband Sir Robert Fellowes, the Queen’s former secretary.

It was always assumed that Nottingham Cottage was “something of a starter home” for them.

“There had been rumors that Harry had his eyes on grander accommodation for his new American bride, possibly eyeing up the 21-room apartment next door to his brother’s,” says The Sun.

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Do other people live in the palace?

Apart from Harry and Meghan, Kensington Palace is home to several other royal relations.

Also residents are Duke and Duchess of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent and wife Marie Christine von Reibnitz.

Prince Michael is the Queen’s paternal cousin. But they were caught in controversy after it was revealed the Queen has been covering their rent since 2002. Later it was announced that they have to pay the full rate themselves or face eviction.


Will Kensington be the Sussex’s only residence?

Kensington Palace is expected to be their primary residence for the foreseeable future. They will also have the option of spending private time at Adelaide Cottage in Home Park, Windsor.

Adelaide Cottage, built in 1831 for Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, wife of William IV, is based near St George’s Chapel where the couple tied the knot.

The Daily Express says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “believed to like the location for its nearby proximity to London and the opportunity to be away from the limelight.” Something that could be more important once they have their first child.

The tabloid reports that Harry and Meghan favor spending their weekends in the Cotswolds. So that could be in the market for a permanent retreat there as well.