List Of Gifts The Royal Family Has Received From The Public

List Of Gifts The Royal Family Has Received From The Public

April 9, 2019 0 By AArsov

It’s not an uncommon thing for a member of the royal family to receive gifts during a tour, especially Harry and Meghan, who have received an endless amount of baby toys, blankets, and clothes for their unborn baby.

It may surprise fans that the royals actually publish lists of all the gifts they’ve received. The list isn’t only gifts from prime ministers or other government officials, it’s gifts they’ve received from their fans too. The gifts, ranging from didgeridoos to a traditional Fijan weapon, are weirder than you think.

Four lists were published earlier this week on the royal family’s website, declaring all the gifts Harry, Meghan, William, Middleton, and even George, Charlotte, and Louis have received during their tours and engagements last year.


The most common gifts that Harry and Meghan have received on behalf of their unborn baby included books, blankets, teddy bears, and soft toys. The gifts were given to them throughout their tour across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji tour in October.

They also received some unusual gifts, including a children’s wet suit, a boomerang, an Australian football guidebook, and several didgeridoos, which were given to them by fans. They even received a iWau, a Fijan war club, from the President of Fiji, Jioji Konrote.

War clubs are the most cherished weapon of Fijian warriors. Although they traditionally have been used for fighting, they also have been used for traditional ceremonial activities.


The lists comes as the couple asks the fans to stop giving them baby gifts. On their Instagram account Harry and Meghan asked their fans to consider donating to one of their charities instead of giving them gifts.

William and Kate also received gifts for their children. During Williams’ visit to Israel in June 2018, he was given diaper pins for Louis, and cloth dolls for George and Charlotte. The pair were also given honey, essential oils, an airplane ornament, and a chess set.