Royal Fashion Rules You Haven’t Heard About

Royal Fashion Rules You Haven’t Heard About

April 27, 2019 0 By AArsov

The royals seem to know all the rules that they have to follow in their everyday lives, and fashion isn’t an exception. The rules dictate everything from who can wear what and when, to what colors should be worn and how. Whether it’s how long George’s pants should be, to the shoe type that should never be worn in front of the Queen. Here’s a list of the biggest fashion rules, so if you want to be a royal you better start learning them.

1. Only married women and brides can wear tiaras

Tiaras are a classic women’s wear which is full of traditional meaning. It once symbolized loss of innocence and the transition to becoming a conventional wife. Times have changed, but the traditional rule of tiaras remains. The Duchess of Sussex didn’t wear one until getting married.

2. No bright nail colors

The Queen has been wearing the same pink color of nail polish since 1989, proving that nail color is a tradition which the royals take seriously. Kate rarely wears polish publicly and Meghan has only worn light natural colors since her engagement with Harry.


3. No wedges in front of the Queen

This rule isn’t a tradition, modesty or a practicality, but rather the Queen doesn’t like them, a source told Vanity Fair. All women in the royal family are aware of this and keep their wedges for events without the Queen.

4. Keep your hemline and neckline in check

Royal women have their hems and necklines monitored. No cleavage, and the hem of a skirt should be close to the top of the knee. Princess Diana famously held her clutch to her chest when stepping out of a car so the angle from photographers would not catch her in an unwanted position.

5. The Queen has to dress in bright colors

Unlike her nails, the Queen keeps her clothes loud and bright. She does this to stand out in a crowd, something that Sophie, her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Wessex, says is because people can say ‘I saw the Queen’ and really be confident that they saw her.


6. Hats and headpieces in public are a must, unless it’s after 6pm

A rule that isn’t really followed anymore, rather only at formal events like weddings, where the royal females in attendance should have headwear. After 6pm, they have to trade it in for a tiara or crown, unless you’re unmarried, of course.

7. Keep black outfits handy, but only wear it when it’s appropriate

Wearing black on days other than mourning or Remembrance Day is a fashion crime for the royals, but it’s important to have a black outfit on hand. When travelling, all royals pack an extra, all-black ensemble, in case a member of the family dies while they are on a trip.

8. Coats should be kept on

Female royals should never remove her coat while out in public, unless she wants to be seen as being “unladylike.” If a female goes out in a coat, she shouldn’t take it off no matter how much the temperature rises.


9. Use fashion to show respect to hosts

While on trips, royals will show their respect to the host country, by wearing something symbolic of the nation. They’ve been wearing national colors, an emblem, or a piece by a local designer.

10. Hair and make-up has to be neat and natural

If you’re a royal, it’s unlikely you’d get away with dying your hair a crazy color or trying a dark smoky eye. Royal hair should look natural, beautiful and neat, even when it’s pulled into a ponytail and make-up should be kept minimal, modest and natural.

11. Shoes must be clean and tidy

Royals are expected to have all the elements of their outfits in check, that also includes their footwear. Their shoes must be clean and kept tidy. A former butler of Princess Diana’s revealed in a documentary called Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm, that “his pyjamas are pressed every morning, his shoelaces are pressed flat with an iron, the bath plug has to be in a certain position and the water temperature has to be just tepid.”