See Meghan’s Reaction As She Tried On Crown On Instagram

See Meghan’s Reaction As She Tried On Crown On Instagram

October 9, 2019 0 By admin

During the recent tour of the country with Prince Harry and son Archie, Meghan Markle won over the people of South Africa.

And a fan managed to capture the Duchess of Sussex was captured wearing her very own ‘crown’. The photo which was recently shared online shows Meghan with an Instagram filter which provides her with her very own headdress. And she couldn’t have been more delighted; the video shows the Duchess laughing as she sees her image on the screen, joking with members of the public before continuing on with her walkabout and wearing the crown.

Meghan Markle at South Africa

The Sussexes returned from South Africa on 2 October. During their stay in South Africa it was reported, that the couple went out of their way to make sure that their five-month-old son was felt at home, with royal reporter Omid Scobie telling The HeirPod podcast, “Meghan and Harry brought all his home comforts with him, I hear there were a lot of toys there that they’d brought with him. Just all the things that make him feel like he hasn’t gone anywhere, because you want to keep him comfortable the whole time. That’s why Meghan stayed with him in South Africa rather than join Harry on his travels,” he explained.

Harry and Meghan stepped back into the spotlight yesterday, to launch a short film titled ‘Every Mind Matters’ with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The goal is to help people to look after their mental health, and also support others. It includes a cast of well-known faces whose lives have been affected by poor mental health, including Glenn Close, Davina McCall, Katie Piper, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Will Young.

“Everyone knows that feeling, when life gets on top of us,” Prince William can be heard saying in the clip, with Prince Harry adding: “We feel stressed, low, anxious or have trouble sleeping. We think there’s nothing that can be done, nothing we can do about it.”

“But now, there’s a new way to help turn things around,” remarks Meghan. “Every Mind Matters will show you simple ways to look after your mental health.” Kate concludes: “It will get you started with a free online plan designed to help you deal with stress, boost your mood, improve your sleep and make you feel more in control.”

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