The One Wine The Royal Family Drinks

The One Wine The Royal Family Drinks

April 26, 2019 0 By AArsov

It’s no secret that the Queen throws great parties as her royal receptions and state banquets are known around the world as the most “wonderfully regal” events. Last year, the monarch and the royal family have welcomed more than 62,000 people to Buckingham Pace.

A sommelier to the royals, Pippa Penny, claims that when it comes to wine, Queen Elizabeth II always pulls out “the good stuff for the state occasions and royal banquets”.


Revealing the royals’ favorite champagne, Pippa added: “Pol Roger is a firm favorite of the Royal Family. Their non-vintage can start at around £45, and then can reach for their vintage over £100.”

A non-vintage Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV was served at the official lunch reception after the royal wedding between Harry and Meghan on the grounds of Windsor Castle last year, and also at William and Kate’s wedding back in 2011.

The brand, which has a Royal Warrant, was also Sir Winston Churchill’s favorite Champagne.

Pippa also revealed the royal family has wine buyers that do the research for them when it comes to adding bottles to their winery.

She said: “Wine buyers might go and look at certain wines, and their price, at the time they buy them is £50 but they buy them to lay down for between 10 or 25 years. By the times it comes the right time for drinking that wine it can be worth anything up to a £250 to more.”


Kate Williams, a royal historian, spoke about the typical royal family menu from a state banquet.

She said: “All in French, ER top in gold. There are three courses. The first course is Dover sole with Morecambe Bay shrimps in a light saffron cream and that’s very typical. The Queen really likes to showcase British food if she can. The main course is pot-roasted Windsor Estate pheasant with pickled cabbage and port and truffle jus, broccoli and potatoes. That really shows how much the Queen loves to serve local food from her local estates. The dessert was a light mango and passion fruit cream entreat.”