Why Kate Still Uses Her Maiden Name?

Why Kate Still Uses Her Maiden Name?

April 15, 2019 1 By AArsov

Names are a complicated in the royal family, especially if you’re a woman who married into the royal family. Although Kate has an official royal title, many still refer to her as Kate Middleton. After nearly eight years of marriage, the Duchess can’t seem to shake her maiden name.


Although the media still refers to her as Kate Middleton, she doesn’t really use her maiden name anymore. She actually doesn’t use any last name.

Thanks to her status, which is one of the highest ranking titles in the royal family, she no longer needs a last name as she goes by “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.” Although, where she might need one, she can use “Mountbatten-Windsor” or “Cambridge” as her last name.

If the Duchess doesn’t go by her maiden name anymore, why does the public still refer to her as “Kate Middleton?” According to Vanity Fairit all comes down to the habit. Kate Middleton is the name we were first introduced to when she was first introduced as Prince William’s long-time girlfriend.


Unlike Princess Diana, who was known as “Lady Diana” before marrying Prince Charles and becoming the Princess of Wales, Kate did not come from a family of aristocrats or royals. She was just a normal person with a normal last name like Middleton, and we absolutely adore that about her.

Continuing to call the Duchess by her nickname and her maiden name makes Kate feel more reletable. “That ‘Middleton’ surname always acted — and still does act, in a way — like a reminder of the ‘fairy-tale’ element of their romance: Kate dating, and then marrying, an actual prince could happen to you,” Vanity Fair says.