Why William And Kate Have One Of The ‘Best Royal Marriages’

Why William And Kate Have One Of The ‘Best Royal Marriages’

April 7, 2019 1 By admin

The couple got married after dating almost a whole decade. They met at St Andrews University and were friends before living together in the second year. Then their friendship evolved into something more.

Kate comes from a family that runs a party supplies company and were able to educate their children at expensive private schools.

Welsh author Allison Pearson, who has written on the Royal Family before, was told by a source “the best royal marriages are when the consort keeps her head down” according to IBT.

William and Kate engagment photo

According to the publication, Mr Pearson believes Kate is no pushover, walks behind William, and doesn’t steal the spotlight.

He also claimed that Kate has high levels of confidence, despite the daunting prospect of dating an heir to the British throne.

He claims Kate said “He’s lucky to have me” when she was told she was lucky to be with William.

It has been reported that Kate and Meghan are in a royal feud.

The rumours came out due to the fact that Meghan and Harry have separated their office from Kate and Williams, and they have moved to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

Kate and William

The couple previously lived in Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace, very close to William and Kate.

How are relations between the brothers amid the feud rumours?

According to a body language expert, the brothers did not look very happy on Thursday night at the Our Planet premiere in London.

They met David Attenborough at the event several days after it came to light that Meghan was banned from wearing royal jewellery from the Queen.

Journalist Dan Wootton discussed the story on ITV’s Lorraine today. He said: “The Queen is in charge of the royal collection, a massive collection of all of the artefacts that the country and the Royal Family own. Included in that are some iconic prices of jewellery, many of which have been leant to Princess Diana. We’ve seen Kate wear certain items from the royal collection. The Queen has to give permission for any member of the Royal Family to wear any of these items of jewellery.”

kate middleton and prince william in blackpool

According to Mr Wootton, the monarch decided not to extend this honour to Meghan. He explained: “The queen has actually banned Meghan from wearing any pieces of this jewellery and the Queen personally assured Prince William this includes any piece that was worn by Princess Diana.”